About UHM
In 2011 Laura Abbink has co-founded artist-run initiative UHM. A range of exhibitions and projects took place mainly in the temporary UHM exhibition and project space in the center of The Hague (Jan Hendrikstraat 62-72). It has functioned as a platform to stimulate artistic creation of visual art, music, dance, poetry, film, cooking, design, philosophy, theater, photography, as well as for collaborations with other art initiatives and established festivals. Please check the archive for occurred exhibitions and projects.

2013      UHM meets Pirate Cinema during TodaysArt
2012      As a Matter of Reformation
2012      breaking-down the Primal Force
2012      Primal Force
2012      Share-Your-Chair-Film-Night #5
2012      Tired Hands
2012      Hiding In The Mud
2012      Share-Your-Chair-Film-Night #4
2012      Showcase
2012      Chain Link; Left, Said, Did
2012      geworden
2012      Share-Your-Chair-Film-Night #3
2012      Mourning Papers
2012      Share-Your-Chair-Film-Night #2
2012      Share-Your-Chair-Film-Night #1
2012      Being Homonym

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