Emphasize Me

About the exhibition
In contemporary culture, philosophers René Descartes quote I think, therefore I am still seems very relevant to discussions on identity. Many other perspectives are found in philosophy; one particular view point is that it (the identity) does not exist. By thinking about your personal identity, that which makes you unique, you must automatically think about others and what sets you apart. The exhibition ‘Emphasize Me ‘examines the elusive concept of identity using at three key terms: the act of thinking, the body, and status.

Zoe Kate Reddy is invited and given a free hand to act as “observer” and will provide reflections on the exhibition as a whole. In the subsequent exhibition ‘Gaze At Me‘ in Kadmium Zoe Kate Reddy and Laura Abbink will take over each other’s roles and the theme of identity will be continued from a fresh point of view with a new response on both subject and exhibition.

Nishiko, Mette Sterre, Wouter Venema, Zoe Kate Reddy

Laura Abbink

Side program
• Lecture by curator, on invitation of Top Delft Design
• Related open call film/video display
• Guided preview by curator
• Publication & blog
• Opening performance of trio Tiroo

Prinsenkwartier, Kadmium, Delft, NL


2015, photography: Marco Zwinkels