Laura Abbink draws her inspiration from human structures particularly those constituting the concept of identity. As an artist her practice expands from making multidisciplinary work to initiating various projects and exhibitions. Extensions as such enables Abbink to explore the main queries of her artistic practice as well as look into the prevailing conventions of an artistic practice or artists identity in general.

The elusive concept of identity in an ever-changing, yet globalizing environment led her to experiment with fragmentations, narratives, (re-)constructions and differentiators. Abbink wonders with what, when, why and how would one weave this web of biological, psychological, social, philosophical, cultural and material elements. With a particular interested in the illusory character of identity a common aspect in her work is a tension between construction, preservation and decay. The use of theatrical elements or a decor-like setting gives rise to stilled moments and at the same time may also suggest a performative past or future.

Earlier work often refers more directly to the narratives of a city and its inhabitants. The city as a moving mechanism with a constant ebb and tide of people and things. They have the potential to represent a narrative and a timeline with found materials seemingly without any identity of its own.